Current consumption measurements

Today for work I needed to gather current consumption information for the Raspberry Pi Camera V2. Not in relation to the increased current consumption when processing the video for the system as a whole¬† (Which has been quoted elsewhere on the net as ~200mA – 250mA I cannot confirm this), but for the board itself. Specifically interested in the sensor the Sony IMX219, but making the reasonable assumption that the sensor represents the majority of the consumption in these cases. I’d prefer to rely on a datasheet but given sony saw it in their wisdom to not put power numbers in the datasheet for the part they left me no choice…

I found that the current peaks at around 40mA during the capture and the idle current consumption is around 1-2mA. These numbers are dependant on light exposure as a whole for the sensor with a noticeable difference in power consumption dependant on whether or not the sensor is covered. These measurements were taken using a 121GW multimeter to measure the current while streaming the data to my phone, the Camera module was hooked up to an older Raspberry Pi A. I melted the covering and placed the ammeter in-line with the power rail for the camera module. I measured the rail at the expected 3.3V


Hopefully, someone else can find a use for this.

Raspberry Pi Camera
Current consumption of Raspberry Pi Camera V2

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