Journal Assignment 1

Writing this post as an assignment for an Academic and Business Writing course being offered online through It is an absolutely fabulous website offering courses on various subjects. Therefore I’m suring up my writing skills and getting some training.

The Reasons I Write?

While I’ve written for almost every reason there is to write, I primarily write for the fun of it. It is a genuinely enthralling experience to convey information and ideas into a reader’s head as clearly as possible. That being said I have not always been a good writer, and in many ways, I’m still only an okay writer.

I still need to get faster at writing. I need to be more precise on my first pass so that I can write when I need to, as opposed to when time allows. I still need to be more persuasive in my business writing. I need to be able to convince people to hand over hundreds of thousands of dollars. I still need to craft longer, more intricate stories, unhindered by plot holes, and story dead ends. I still need to write more informative academic papers, ones that can change my field, sharing my research.

I have a long way to go.

All that being said, while I dread the writing I’m bad at or feel most insecure about. I genuinely enjoy the writing I’m good at. When my words flow like wine, and people understand what I’m trying to say. What I need to improve the most is my business writing, where I have the most cracks in my ability, I loath it with a passion, even though I have to do a lot of it.

If this course can offer me the mortar and cement to fix the cracks in my writing abilities, I will be thrilled and eternally grateful.

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