Peppers and Salts

Although I love cooking, I’m not posting about the best spice recipe out there. IMO, a basic mix of some salt, pepper, paprika, and chili peppers. Trust me it goes great on burgers.

Jokes aside I’ve been thinking about people with a hobby of prepping. Stockpiling food, ammunition, radios, batteries. All in the name of surviving a breakdown of the fabric of society. It occurs to me how well-suited engineering people are to the post-apocalyptic environment. With the virus going around at the current moment, and people’s current panics, It’s come into my mind that I may be well suited for an apocalypse.

Listening to the commune series by Joshua Gayou he points this out by giving his ramshackle group of survivors an engineer. A mechanical engineer. All of a sudden a group starving for gasoline now has as much as they want, in the form of wood gas. All of a sudden a group that hasn’t seem modern convenience like washing machines since the fall of society has hair salons, powered off of a basic generation unit.

What can I as an electrical engineering graduate build as a survivor? Well, I have my power theory, and I know how to operate a power grid more or less. I can build transformers and generators in theory. In theory, I could collect up enough resources to be properly useful and generate power for a small society. I could scavenge equipment from old facilities to recreate a basic “cell” network. Maybe I could put my control system knowledge to good use building systems to run this new society so we wouldn’t have reverted back to an agrarian state of existence.

Let me say this. If I ever do see a complete societal collapse. I hope I can remember my theory well enough so that I can be worthwhile. 😛 What do you think you could build. Do you think you could build a toaster? A loaf of bread? A grain of wheat? If the answer to any of these can I build society questions are yes, then you are part of the structure that keeps society up and running. Part of the structure that keeps us stocked with laptops, starbucks coffees, and candy bars. That is something that everyone can take pride in.


My musings as written March 1st 2020 for a delayed post of  April 2021. God I hope I’m still alive…

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