Peppers and Salts

Although I love cooking, I’m not posting about the best spice recipe out there. IMO, a basic mix of some salt, pepper, paprika, and chili peppers. Trust me it goes great on burgers. Jokes aside I’ve been thinking about people with a hobby of prepping. Stockpiling food, ammunition, radios, batteries. All in the name of… Continue reading Peppers and Salts

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Journal Assignment 1

Writing this post as an assignment for an Academic and Business Writing course being offered online through It is an absolutely fabulous website offering courses on various subjects. Therefore I’m suring up my writing skills and getting some training. The Reasons I Write? While I’ve written for almost every reason there is to write,… Continue reading Journal Assignment 1

One thing I need to say…

Because getting stock footage rights is too expensive I did the next best thing. Put together my own video of a balloon popping. It’s not as slow motion as stock footage or as clean as stock footage, but at least it’s free.

Selling my 3D Printers

There is a little joke that goes around in my friend group. That I’m cursed to have technology brake early on me, and for weird unexpected reasons. A little while ago I bought a couple of used 3D printers and they have indeed met the same date as a lot of the technology in my… Continue reading Selling my 3D Printers

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Learning More Art

In my million pronged approach to the infinity of options available to me in so far as self improvement I have not neglected art. Am I terrible… Absolutely! Will I still proudly tout my hasty finger drawing on an iPad pro just to see what’s possible. Absolutely!

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Making Cookies on my Day Off!

We finished helping my brother and his wife move into their new mansion. It’s certainly a nice home, but goodness gracious I’m as sore as they come. Making some cookies to relax while listening to the end of Winter from the Lunar chronicles. Next on my list is to perform some updates to the lab… Continue reading Making Cookies on my Day Off!

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