Devin Atkin

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 I am the lab manager at the I2Sense Laboratory at the University of Calgary. I am currently looking for future opportunities following my graduation in May 2021. I have experience in VLSI using Cadence design suite and in the system-level board, design using a variety of simulation and PCB design tools, including Altium, LTSpice, and Diptrace EDA software. I would love to hear with regards to any potential opportunities to apply my skills to engaging real-world problems.

Skills & Abilities

·         Experience in PCB layout using DipTrace and Altium.

·         Experience in Chip Design using Cadence Virtuoso

·         Experience in Embedded System Programming in C, C++, and Python

·         Experience in FPGA programming using VHDL and Verilog

·         Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)

·         Soldering (Through Hole, Surface Mount, down to 0603 Size Components)

·         Computer Maintenance (Hard drive replacement, Assembly and Upgrades)



Research Assistant/ Assistant Director I2Sense

May 2019 – Present

I am currently the Assistant Director of the I2Sense Laboratory at the University of Calgary. Beyond my regular responsibilities as a member of the research team, I also assist with the daily running of the lab, including equipment purchasing, interviewing new prospective lab members, and ensuring all lab equipment is kept in working order.


Design Lead ATCO Electric


During my internship, I took the position of Design lead at ATCO electric. This position involved the price estimation and design for many small to medium size power distribution projects across a large area of northern Alberta. I was responsible for the pricing and design stages, as well as communication with the construction and survey teams during the design execution phase.

Crew Member Mcdonalds


I performed standard crew duties, primarily taking orders through the drive-through, and cleaning the restaurant.


The University of Calgary,

BSc Electrical Engineering (2014- 2019)

The University of Calgary,

MSc Electrical Engineering (MAY 2019- PRESENT)

Professional Memberships

IEEE Student Member, Member ID: 93883490

APEGA Student Member, Member ID: M234841

Club Involvement

Zeus Club Member (2015- 2017)

I joined the Zeus battery team during my second year. While I have stepped away from the club at this point, I still occasionally offer assistance reviewing board designs before fabrication to raise safety and design concerns.


3D Printer Club (2014)


Protospace (Calgary Hackerspace) Member (2014- 2017)