Creating with AI (Dalle 2 and ChatGPT)

This is an image intended to be of a bunch of abandoned lab equipment, generated using Dalle-2. I’ve been playing around quite a bit over the past couple months with both ChatGPT and Dalle-2, and while it would be absurd to call me an expert I have completed a few minor projects to help me with certain workloads.

ChatGPT was released last year and the hype is starting to die down. This also means that a lot of the projects are starting to die off. I myself took time enough to create a plugin for the platform to create basic crossword puzzles when asked for. I am currently part of the way through constructing an additional plugin which will generate spider graphs and bar graphs. I think what makes making these projects a lot of fun is the fact that I can see them getting used. This simple application has been used 1000 times since I published it, which while not a lot is sufficient to feel like it was work worth completing. The spider graph is more self-serving as I realized that I was having to generate these graphs monthly and it would save me enough time to be worth setting up a plugin so that I could just dump the data into a chat box and receive the output graph. If it serves other people that’s nothing but an added benefit.

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