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Not legally an Engineer Yet, Call me an EIT

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Devin Atkin

Welcome to my personal portfolio on GitHub Pages. I am a PhD Student in Electrical Engineering based in Calgary, Alberta. My passion lies in exploring the intricate world of electrical engineering, from theoretical research to practical applications. Through this portfolio, I aim to share my journey, insights, and creations with you.

About Me

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Electrical Engineering, focusing on CMOS Image Sensors. With a deep commitment to advancing the field, I engage in various research projects, aiming to contribute meaningful innovations to the industry.


In my Blog, I share insights, updates, and reflections on my research, the latest trends in electrical engineering, and my experiences in academia and industry. It’s a space where I connect theory with practice and discuss the implications of new technologies.


For a detailed look at my professional background, including my academic achievements, research projects, and industry experience, visit my Resume page. You’ll find information about my skills, publications, and any awards or recognitions I’ve received.


My Projects page showcases a portfolio of my work, featuring both practical applications developed during my work and fun projects I’ve undertaken over the years.